Enrollment for the season 2023/2024
We work according to federal
training standards

The first
is free

Enrollment of children from the age of 3
A systematic approach to the training process: the loads correspond to the age of the gymnast and are optimized for the abilities of the child.
We are for health in rhythmic
gymnastics and for the harmonious development of young gymnasts!
More than 450 gymnasts train there
branches in Moscow,
Moscow Region
and Dubai (UAE)
Love, work and discipline
We observe
federal standards
Coaches with higher education and sports achievements
help children to cultivate willpower and achieve results.
We work in a friendly team
Membership in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of the Moscow region makes it possible not only to participate in competitions, but also to perform sports categories.
We participate in competitions
OFP is the development of basic skills
and qualities: strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility.

SFP is the development of special physical qualities that are brought up by methods of rhythmic gymnastics.
Developing skills,
we strengthen health
Your children will be in safe hands!
All of our coaches are masters of sport
We invite children aged 2.5 and older to our school
They have relevant education; annually improve their qualifications taking part in seminars and master classes from international experts.
There are different training levels. Classes are conducted in small groups and offered either for professional sports or as recreational gymnastics.
We will infuse children with love for their workout sessions; provoke their desire to train irrespective of physical abilities, age, and physical aptitude. Your child will take part in competitions; go to training camps all over the world and live an active sports life!
We took as a basis
The Olympic training centre programme and tailored it taking a reasonable approach to health.
Physical loads increase gradually
As a result, children build up a beautiful and healthy body without stress.
Gymnasts from an early age
Become accustomed to self-discipline and dedication to their goals.
Children learn
to build relationships with other people from an early age.
Cities and branches
Experienced coaches, sports categories, individual approach, participation in competitions, workshops and visiting training camps are waiting for you.
Our coaches strive to inspire and find strengths of every girl: flexibility from nature, perseverance, gymnastic apparatus handling skills or artistic impression.
To sign up for
a trial class
in our club, you need to call by phone or leave a request, and we will sign you up. Then we will invite you to a trial training session and get acquainted with the coach.
We accept girls of any age and training level!
We will open the world of beauty, grace and charm to your children. Gymnastics develops smooth movement, flexibility, dexterity, stamina, great coordination and ability to control yourself and your body.
Rhythmic gymnastics for children aged 3-12 and older.
Physical growth by means of rhythmic gymnastics contributes to harmonious development of children. Participation in sports club events and general physical preparedness classes. Opportunity to visit training camps of the club!
Recreational gymnastics. There is no age limit!
Rhythmics develops flexibility, coordination, strengthens the muscular frame, helps to listen and move to the rhythm of music. Classes are conducted in a playful way. Different types of gymnastic apparatus are used.
Choreography is an essential part of the training process. Choreography helps girls work on the beauty of their legs, keep their back and neck straight, develop their aesthetic sense: love to good classical music and beautiful movements.

Our Club offers choreography classes both as part of basic training programme and as a separate direction for girls who are engaged in choreography in mini groups or individually, participate in concerts giving choreographic performances.

Rhythmics for boys and girls aged 2.5 and older
Suitable for children of any age and level. We guarantee an individual approach to every student.

Individual training session includes the following:

- Honing the skills and improvement of those elements to which it is impossible to pay attention during the group training session.

- Working on any weak points: Coordination, stretching exercises and rehearsals with gymnastic apparatus.

- Good preparation for competitions.
Classes are appropriate for gymnasts and other athletes and aimed at improving fitness.
Individual training session
Training camps
The main emphasis is placed on the following:
Training camps are intended for gymnasts. Intensive training sessions are focused on the development and improvement of all skills needed for gymnasts.
Studying the elements of rhythmic gymnastics (balance, rotation, leaps).
Series of exercises as part of general physical preparedness and conditioning for gymnastics.
Power-building, development of endurance and coordination.
Preparation for competitions using all types of gymnastic apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, club bell, ribbon)
Girls for at least 2 weeks train all day long having a short lunch and rest time. As a result, gymnasts can break into the new training year, prepared, strong and ready for new sports achievements.
Training camps are arranged 3 times a year:
June and August
winter holidays in January
Training day of gymnasts consists of:
Training with gymnastic apparatus
Dance training
General physical preparedness
Morning jogging or exercise
We have been participating in the All-Russian and international competitions for many years. Our gymnasts regularly perform at competitions, win prizes and comply with the standards of sports categories.

For junior gymnasts, competitions are a great holiday for which they tend to prepare with trepidation and excitement. The first competitions will remain in their memory forever. For senior gymnasts, every competition is the struggle for victory and, first of all, an internal struggle. The Olympic motto consists of only two words: “Overcome yourself.”

Our Sports Club does everything to make gymnastics be remembered by children not only for training, but also for vivid moments. That is why we annually host the following events: reporting gala concerts, physical education tests, New Year holidays and the Traditional Aurora Open Tournament.
It allows all gymnasts of any age and training level to join the training camp. Both beginner gymnasts, who have just started their career in gymnastics, and older girls, who regularly compete and have sports categories, train.

Master classes conducted by gymnastics experts and stars occupy a special place in the programme. Girls get unique experience and new opportunities for their self-fulfillment in rhythmic gymnastics.

Training camps help gymnasts develop not only physically, but also concentrate on their mental strength, time management skills, self-discipline, unlocking and increasing their potential.
Training Programme is based on the “simple-to-complex” principle.
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